Offering year round private & group instruction, classes and workshops

  • Yoga: HBC offers a diverse yoga program offering many popular styles of yoga. The instructors have all completed extensive certification training programs, their depth of knowledge and experience ensure that every student feels welcome, safe and challenged.
  • Pilates: HBC’s Pilates instructors have all completed extensive training programs and keep up to date with the latest innovations and trends by attending workshops and conventions annually.
  • Stretching: Gentle Stretch is one of our most popular classes due to its restorative qualities and accessibility to all.
  • T’ai Chi Chih: T’ai Chi Chih is also on the weekly schedule and has shown to offer profound healing for many people by circulating and balancing the essential energy (Chi).

For more information regarding Mind Body Classes that are included in Membership, Pilates Reformer Sessions, Private Pilates & Yoga contact Paulette at (510) 521-5416 Ext 130 or at

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Reformer Program is back!

Our Small Group Reformer Classes are back in our New Pilates Studio.


The Harbor Bay Club offers a diverse list of yoga classes taught by experienced instructors. Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Gentle Stretch are a few examples of classes that target individuals with different needs. With regular Yoga practice participants may experience positive changes in their fitness and overall health.



Pilates is a well respected mind body workout that is both gentle and challenging. This specialized form of exercise can be performed on that mat or various apparatus and is beneficial to all ages and body types. Modifications to the exercises allow for a range of difficulty ranging from beginning to advanced.



One of HBC’s most popular classes, Gentle Stretch provides restorative qualities and accessibility to everyone, and Saturday Stretch is a wonderful way to start your weekend! T’ai Chi Chih is also offered weekly and has shown to offer profound healing for many people by circulating and balancing the essential energy (Chi).

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Anna is a terrific (Pilates) teacher, very focused and effective as well. I am delighted to be an ongoing student in the Pilates classes.

Anna Mackinnon

What I liked was that I was challenged by the (Pilates) classes. It was different each time, and I was not watching the clock like I would in most fitness classes

David Sayen

Yoga allows grace into my life. It's the journey that pushes me physically and mentally to move forward

Doris Yuen