HBC’s Fitness Center & Personal Training: Your recipe to get and stay in shape!

Fitness Center Amenities

With designated space for cardio (50+ machines), strength training, free weights, stretching, and Functional Training (TRX), HBC’s Fitness Center has something for everyone!

Personal Training Services

Whatever your goals may be – just getting started, looking to lose a few pounds, jump start your routine, or training for a triathlon – HBC has a Personal Training option that will help get you there quicker and safer!

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Request a fitness appointment with one of our Certified Personal Trainers to get started towards your goals!



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HBC offers exceptional Personal Training services to its members and guests, backed by a staff of nationally certified trainers, recognized for their expertise and ability to teach, motivate and inspire.


HBC offers a wide range of year round and seasonal fitness & training options, programs, camps & clinics for all ages and fitness goals – whether you’re just starting out, need a jump start to your routine, or are training for a triathlon.


HBC’s Personal Trainers are nationally certified and recognized for their educational backgrounds and expertise, as well as their ability to teach, motivate and inspire, not only their clients but each other. Whatever your goals may be – just getting started, looking to lose a few pounds, jump start your routine, or training for a triathlon – HBC Personal Trainers will help get you there quicker and safer!

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"Janet has been a fabulous trainer. I am very happy with all the support she has provided me. She had kept my routines interesting and changes them up for variety."

Kathy K Colemere

"Janet is a real professional, she has increased my abdominal core strength and I have regained muscle tone without injury. I highly recommend Janet as a personal trainer for achieving sustainable fitness."

Carl Fricke

"I frequently recommend Janet to other people who are looking to improve their health, because working with her has been so positive for me."

David Johnson

"I have completed 4 triathlons, 4 half-marathons and numerous other races that would never have been possible without Janet's coaching."

Laura A. Crabb

"Dan (Mark) is very knowledgeable, patient and has a great personality for getting the best out of his clients"

Fred Branaman

"Going through the 12-week Healthy Bodies program gave me so much more than a smaller number on the scale; this program completely changed the way I think and feel about my body because it gave me the FACTS on how to reach my goals in a way that would be sustainable for life! I didn't need a quick fix; I needed to get healthy and stay healthy and Suzanne helped me do just that!”

Amanda Shavers

“ extremely knowledgeable and a great leader at (addressing) my eating issues and (helping) me get fit without re-injuring myself...I am making true improvements and have slowly increased control, developed many new eating strategies and have lost 8-9 pounds. In fitness coaching, Suzanne has been equally successful...She helped me develop and achieve a program of one hour of cardio training, several fitness classes and a weight program. Gradually I keep increasing the difficulty and am becoming more fit. For me both areas of improvement are small miracles and are tremendously important."

BZ Meyers