Year round programs and fun for kids of all ages and interests!

From infant to teenagers, there are an abundance of options to keep your children happily active while parents and guardians can take some much needed adult time to work out, get a spa treatment, play a match or relax by the pool.

Year round the club offers onsite childcare from six weeks old in the Children’s Center, Jr. Tennis, Kids Fitness classes, private and group swim lessons, and martial arts.

During the school year the Kids Club after-school enrichment program is crazy popular and includes pick-up from Amelia Earhart and Bay Farm Schools.

And summer at HBC provides the gold standard in summer camps and aquatics programming and promises your child a summer they’ll always remember.




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The Club's spa is the only place in Alameda where I can get my nails done, or any spa treatment, without having to arrange care for my kids. As a busy mom, that's HUGE for me!

Maureen McFall

I love the balance of exercise and socializing that the Club offers. After a workout or spin cycle class, it's great to relax with friends and a glass of wine at the Clubhouse Bar & Grill.

Mark Landreth

At my age my joints can't handle the stress of high impact exercise but the Club offers a wonderful range of non-impact options which keep me fit and feeling great.

Michael Morgan

I've tried a lot of gyms and they're always cramped and dirty. I love how spacious and clean the Harbor Bay Club is and how friendly the members and staff are.

Shirley Goodman

I have a challenging work schedule and travel a lot. With the Club's Spinners tennis program, I never have to call anybody to arrange a time to play tennis. It's perfect for me.

Ming Chin

I love how comfortable and unintimidating the Club is. I don't feel like I have to have a supermodel's body to feel good about being here.

Cheryl Landreth

Working out at the Club has been essential to managing my diabetes and stress. The Harbor Bay Club has saved my life.

Eric Cross

"The Spa at Harbor Bay's Laurie Higginbotham is extremely knowledgeable on migraines and remedies and thanks to her help, I have been able to recognize which type I am experiencing and a quick solution to relieve the pain. She is absolutely fabulous and I have recommended friends as well as strangers to Laurie. As a sufferer of chronic migraines, thanking Laurie a million times over still wouldn't be enough"

CQ D. (5-Star Yelp Review)