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HBC offers year round and seasonal fitness classes, programs and workshops


HBC offers a wide range of year round and seasonal fitness & training options, programs, camps & clinics for all ages and fitness goals – whether you’re just starting out, need a jump start to your routine, or are training for a triathlon.

TRX Series

TRX is all core, all the time! Learn what should be stable and what would be mobile! HBC has several programs to choose from! Available to Members and Non-Members! 

Youth / Teen Athletic Development & Performance

This program is designed for youth / teens to improve athletic ability, implementing cross training and using modern training principles and techniques to safely guide young athletes to optimal performance and fitness levels.

Healthy Bodies

Achieve your personal, healthy & HAPPY weight! HBC Healthy Bodies is a 90-day program that uses Health Coaching to help you reach and maintain your ideal weight by creating a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Fitness Routine

Focus on training regularly and spread out the cost over time with a monthly Personal Fitness Routine.

Adult & Teen Karate

This program teaches a traditional style of Japanese and Okinawan Karate. You will learn traditional Kata (forms), Kumite (sparring) and Weapons.

Fitness Consultation

Get a fresh start and schedule a comprehensive fitness consultation with one of our Certified Personal Trainers.

Teen Certification Program

Get a leg up on your competition! Learn how to strengthen your teen body properly!

TRX for Seniors

This 30 minute TRX Small Group is designed for seniors to assist in creating independence through improving balance, coordination, relevant overall body strength, mobility/flexibility and increase hip and leg stability.


HBC’s Personal Trainers are nationally certified and recognized for their educational backgrounds and expertise, as well as their ability to teach, motivate and inspire, not only their clients but each other. Whatever your goals may be – just getting started, looking to lose a few pounds, jump start your routine, or training for a triathlon – HBC Personal Trainers will help get you there faster and safer!

Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer


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