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The Spa at Harbor Bay


Brighten your skin and reduce the signs of sun damage

Suffering from the signs of hyper-pigmentation?  Are you seeing the effects of the sun on the appearance of your skin?  Try one of these Skin Brightening Facials to brighten your skin and reduce the signs of sun damage.

Derm Renewal Clinical Peel
A professional deep exfoliating treatment with an effective, high-tech patented complex offering the full benefits of AHA’s without stinging and irritation.  Lactic and Glycolic acids work in synergy with Arginine® to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone.  A deep exfoliation treatment with a high concentration of AHAs (30%) and a pH of 3.0. Includes a neutralizing gel that allows customized application.

Clinically proven results after only one treatment:

  • 95% decrease in the total area of wrinkles
  • 67% decrease in the total length of wrinkles
  • 63% decrease in the number of wrinkles
  • 63% increase in hydration level

Benefits: Brightens the complexion, detoxifies and lightens pigmentation spots, for all skin types.

Choose a 30 min. quick exfoliation or a full facial with Derm Renewal Peel.

Derm Renewal Clinical Peel
Members Non-members
60 Minutes
$80 $93
Series of 6 (60 Minutes Each)
$436 $513
30 Minutes
$52 $59
Series of 6 (30 Minutes Each)
$312 $326
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Suggested series: Intensive 3-6 treatments, once weekly.

Winter Pumpkin Brightening Peel

This powerful Double Pumpkin Peel will brighten, lighten and tighten your skin with an added Healing LED Light and Dermalogica’s Light Energy Mask to help heal the skin and promote collagen production. Followed by Biolumin C Serum and Moisturizer to extend the effects of this treatment.

Winter Pumpkin Brightening Peel
Members Non-members
60 Minutes
$103 $114
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