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Is Body Rebalancing & Alignment for you?

Have an injury that’s not responded to Massage?  Try the Healing Powers of Body Rebalancing & Alignment.

Is Body Rebalancing & Alignment for you?

Trauma, overuse and repetitive strain are the most common causes of muscle imbalance resulting in dysfunctional patterns and injuries.

Laurie believes, through her Massage and Body Rebalancing & Alignment, that relieving tight over-compensating muscles with massage and engaging the under developed muscle(s) with gentle strengthening and mindfulness, we can address alignment issues and help create new balance to help alleviate pain. Clients are then able to assist in their own healing process beginning the day with conscious awareness in their simple day-to-day movement patterns.

How does it work?

Laurie uses a variety of modalities in Body Rebalancing & Alignment sessions including NeuroKinetic Therapy which uses muscle testing to assess dysfunctions of the coordination system resulting from traumatic injury and overuse. It cues the brain for new learning resulting in the immediate correction of neuromuscular imbalances. It addresses neuromuscular pain at its source: the motor control center of the brain. She also uses Active Isolated Stretching, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Eucapnic Buteyko Therapy, & Lymphatic
Drainage in her sessions.

Body Rebalancing & Alignment:

Body Rebalancing & Alignment Prices
Members Non-members
Initial Assessment 1.5 hrs $116 $135
One Hour Session
$89 $101
One and 1/2 Hour Session
$116 $135
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Combo:Massage & Body Rebalancing Tune-up
This combination of massage and Body Rebalancing is a great way to try NeuroKinetic Therapy while you get a therapeutic massage.  Also for those who love NeuroKinetic Therapy but would enjoy more massage during the treatment.

Massage & Body Rebalancing Tune-up Prices
Members Non-members
Massage & Body Rebalancing Tune-up 1.5 hrs $110 $130
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Prices subject to change

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