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  • Set all electronic equipment to silent mode – a ringing, beeping or vibrating phone is very distracting to the instructor and other students. If you are expecting an important call and cannot be away from your phone, it is best to skip class.
  • Classes begin promptly. Try to arrive at least 5 minutes before start time to allow yourself time to find a space, organize your props, and settle in. Do not enter class after the curtains have been drawn. Instructors have the right to refuse admittance to late arrivals.
  • Inform the instructor about any injuries, illnesses or concerns before class begins.
  • Please do not wear excessive perfumes or oils.
  • Please do not leave class early. If you know that you need to leave early, please position yourself near the door and exit with as little noise as possible. Leave your mat and props behind rather then make noise putting them away. If you must leave a Yoga class early, please leave before everyone gets into the relaxation position.
  • Keep variations appropriate. Keep in mind the level of the class you are attending. If you find a movement or pose too difficult you may stick with a more basic variation. If you are attending a basic class, please stick with the version of the movement or pose being given by the instructor so as not to confuse newer or less experienced students.
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