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Give it a try and experience the TRX difference!

More than just another passing fitness fad, Functional Training just might be one of the most important changes you could make for better overall fitness and good health.

Rather than focusing on one muscle for each exercise, as weightlifting or machines do, Functional Training targets multiple body parts and strengthens all of the core muscle groups used to perform the activities of daily life . This type of training, properly applied, can make everyday activities easier, reduce your risk of injury and improve your quality of life.

With Functional Personal Training:

  • You are challenged with exercises that you might not try on your own.
  • You try exercises that require a watchful eye on your form.
  • You rely on your body instead of equipment, so you recruit more muscles per exercise.
  • You learn to use TRX, battle rope, plyo boxes, and kettlebells from a pro, not a video!

Benefits of functional training:

  • Increased range of movement
  • Improved core strength
  • Better posture
  • Better balance, stability & mobility
  • Improved fat burning
  • Improved muscle tone / density
  • Better sports-specific conditioning

Give it a try and get started with HBC’s new Introduction to TRX classes!

For more information please call 510-521-5414

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