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Swim Lesson Sign Up Instructions

  1. Login into HBC Online under your Child’s Profile (Name).
    If your child has been to HBC for any service they will already have a profile. Login to your child’s profile in HBC Online by entering their email and password in the “Sign-In” box on the left.
    If your child has never been to HBC you will need to create a profile by entering their email in the box on the right and follow instructions to create a profile.
  2. Go to the Swim Lessons Tab in HBC Online
  3. Choose Private Swim Lesson or Buddy Swim Lesson
    If you are booking Buddy Lessons, type the Buddies Name in the appt. notes.
  4. Select an Instructor. If you do not have an instructor preference do not choose one.
  5. Leave all Days of the week checked.
  6. Dates: Choose Date Range from today through 14 days from now. Swim Lessons can be booked 14 days in advance. This will show you all times available for all instructors for the next 14 days.
  7. Click “Book”
  8. Click “Book An Appointment”. Each appointment must be booked individually as Recurring Appointments are not available.
  9. Choose a Single Lesson or a pack of 5 Lessons.
  10. Check out & Place order.
  11. Once you have booked your appointment go to “My Schedule” in your profile to confirm that your appointment was booked.
  12. If you booked a Buddy Lesson, repeat steps 1 – 11 for the Buddy Swimmer immediately. Logout of first Buddy’s profile and Login to Second Buddy’s profile. Make sure both Buddies have profiles in our system before you begin booking.
  13. You will get a confirmation email when it is booked.
  14. You will get a reminder email and/or text 2 days prior to your appt.
  15. Complete Swim Lesson Waiver Online (link)
  16. 24 hour cancellation policy

If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your appt. the full price of the lesson is charged. To cancel an appt: Login to your profile, go to “My Info” tab, go to “My Schedule”, Click the word “cancel” at the far right of the appt you wish to cancel.

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