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Lap Swim is by Reservation Access Only

Updated Lap Swim Reservation System as of July 8, 2021

Lanes 1 (with steps), 2 & 6 (with ladder) will remain as single swimming/water walking lanes with reservations limited to 30 minutes.
*No back to back reservations on any given day. If booked, the second reservation will be canceled by staff. (fee may be charged if canceled time isn’t booked by another swimmer).

Lanes 3, 4 & 5 will be for Circle Swimming or Lane Splitting for 2 swimmers at a time. Both 30 minute & 60 minute reservations will be available. Swimmers should agree to Circle Swim or Split the Lane upon arrival.

Lane 3: for Slower Swimmers
Lane 4: for Medium Swimmers
Lane 5: for Faster Swimmers

Family Swim in Lane 1

Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-5pm
60 minute reservations for 3 families at a time (reservations required)
Book a “Family Swim – 60 min” reservation under the Lap Swim Tab
Please No Lap Swimming in Lane 1 during Family Swim Time
*Lane 1 for Lap Swimming will be unavailable in the system during Family Swim

* Please continue to bring your own towel when using the pool.

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