Virtual Classes Sign Up Instructions and Information

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To sign up for a virtual class

  1. Go to the Virtual Classes Schedule in HBC Online.
  2. Click “Sign Up Now” next to the class you desire to attend virtually. You can sign up for classes up to 10 days in advance.
  3. This will take you to the HBC Online Login Page. Enter your email and password in the “Sign In” box at the left side of the page. All members already have a profile, so don’t add a new profile in the box at the right.
  4. Click “Make a Single Reservation”. This takes you to the Shopping Cart for a class at $0 until Aug 2nd. If you have Opted-In you already have 100 free classes in your profile so it won’t take you to the Shopping Cart. If you do not Opt-In the price in the Shopping Cart will be $12.
  5. Check out & Place order.
  6. Go to “My Schedule” to confirm that you are enrolled in the class.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email when you sign up. If you do not get a confirmation then you are not enrolled in the class. Login and go back to “My Schedule”.
  8. You will receive a reminder email and/or text 2 days before your class. If you do not get a reminder login and go back to “My Schedule”.
  9. You will receive an email 30 minutes prior to the class that will allow you to join the class. (you must join from the email). Only people enrolled in the class can access the link. *If you sign up for a Virtual Class less than 30 minutes before the class starts it will take 2 to 3 minutes for the system to send you the “Join the Class” email. You must wait for the email to Join the Class.
  10. When you get the email:
    1. Click “Click Here to Join”
    2. Sign In with your email and password (same as logging into HBC Online).
    3. When you join your microphone will be muted. Please keep it muted throughout the class unless the instructor unmutes you.

To cancel a class:

  1. Login to your profile in HBC Online
  2. Go to My Info tab
  3. Go to “My Schedule”
  4. Click cancel at the far right next to the class you would like to cancel.
  5. Double check “My Schedule” to make sure it was canceled.

For more information on using HBC Online Video with mindbodyonline.

For Troubleshooting and browser help.

Classes will be free for all members until August 2nd. As of August 3rd, members who have Opted In for Tennis or Outdoor Classes will continue to be able to take the virtual classes.

Members who choose not to Opt-In will begin paying for these classes.

$12 per class.

Non-Members will be able to take these classes for a fee: $20 per class

Members who Opt-In please wait 24 – 48 hours before enrolling in a class as it takes time to process your free classes in our system.

To Opt-In complete the Waiver


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash