Personal Trainer


Janet received a Masters degree in Physical Education from U.C. Berkeley, concentrating on Exercise Physiology. She holds Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Instructor, and Exercise Test Technician certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).


Janet’s experience includes nearly a decade of conducting research studies on the effects of exercise on cardiovascular disease risk factors. She also conducted fitness evaluations for the officers of the Oakland Police Department, where she taught nutrition and fitness seminars as well. Several years of nonprofit work included public health education on cardiovascular disease and establishing corporate wellness programs throughout Alameda County. For over ten years she has enjoyed training herself and coaching others to participate in walking marathons.


The human body was designed to move! Modern conveniences and hectic schedules have made it less necessary and less likely that we will move as much as we should for optimum health. I want to help bring back the joy of movement to others; to help people regain, maintain, and improve their health. By dispelling the confusion and mystique of obtaining physical fitness I will work with you to make your journey to better health be successful.

Educational specialties: B.S., M.A. Exercise Physiology, Health and Fitness Specialist, Exercise Test Technician
Expertise: Endurance training, triathlons, cycling, race walking, flexibility
Enjoys cycling, race walking, gardening, piano, yoga
Personality: good listener, explains concepts of exercise, patient, believes our bodies were made to MOVE
“She took great care to listen to me, understand the limits of what I can do, and push me to perform better without pushing me into risking re-injury.” –DJ