Personal Trainer


Gayelynn is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Counsel on Exercise. Her background and education are in nutrition, dietary management, and nutrition for the elderly and weight training.


Gayelynn has been involved in weight training for over 20 years and a trainer here at the Harbor Bay Club since 2002. She has competed and placed at the State and National level in the sport of Power Lifting and has worked as a test administrator for a Wellness company doing pre-employment fitness and wellness testing. She also worked as the Clinical Nutrition Director for a large Healthcare organization.


Anyone can improve the quality of their life with exercise and with my broad range of experience I can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Educational specialties: Clinical Nutrition & Management, Anatomy & Movement, Scientific Shoulder & Back Training, Schwinn Cycling Coach, Sports Nutrition.
Expertise: Nutrition & Weight loss, Bodybuilding, Power Lifting, sports specific training, Perinatal Training, Posture Correction.
Enjoys weight lifting, cycling, hiking, Nordic Walking, the outdoors and nature
Personality: No matter what age or stage in life, don’t give up or give in, just modify and keep moving!