Fitness Director


Don is a graduate from the “Strong and Centered Mind/Body Institute”. He also holds a certification from Progressive Fitness. Don is a certified fitness trainer from the Cal State Hayward Health and Fitness Institute as well.


Don has worked at various clubs throughout the Bay Area and at Harbor Bay Club since 1996. He is a former competitive bodybuilder with 16 years lifting experience. Over the years Don has worked with hundreds of clients. One of the many skills Don has learned from being a personal trainer is effective listening. This enables communication between the trainer and the client.


If I could summarize my philosophy it would be Attitude. Having the right attitude is the key to success. Any endeavor starts with the right frame of mind. A positive attitude magnifies and attracts results. This carries over to all areas of your life. In fitness, having the right attitude towards your health is essential to achieving your fitness goals. It’s important to have a strategy and not give up if you fail to achieve a goal. Being flexible and trying a new approach might just be what you need to bring you to the next level of fitness.

Educational specialties: Cal State Hayward Personal Training Certificate, Strong and Centered Mind/Body Institute
Expertise: HBC Trainer since 1996, Progressive Fitness, Bodybuilding, strength and health
Enjoys: power bodybuilding, former competitive bodybuilder
Personality: open and friendly, effective listening, the right attitude