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Paulette Staats


Paulette is the Spa Director at the Harbor Bay Club. She joined Harbor Bay Club in 1996 as the Aerobic Coordinator (now Group Ex) and became the Spa Director in 1997. She handed over her Group Ex duties to Nicole in 2007 as the Spa grew. She has been teaching various forms of group exercise since 1985 at gyms around the Bay Area. Paulette began Omega Fitness Associates in 1987 and actively ran the business until 1998 doing corporate wellness, group exercise and fitness evaluations for local businesses.

Paulette has an Associate of Science in Animal Health, is certified by ACE, AFFA and Cal State Hayward in Group Exercise, and is certified as a personal trainer by ACSM. She has attended conventions and workshops over the years and has attended many Spa related workshops, training and classes.

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