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Ayo Pigott

Ayo Pigott

Personal Trainer


Ayo Pigott is one of our newest trainers here at the Harbor Bay Club who has received his ACE fitness credentials and is currently studying to earn a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University. His passion for fitness stems from his own athletic career as a competitive soccer player in the States and abroad in Spain and England which has culminated in the signing of his first professional contract with the San Francisco Glenn’s in the USL League 2. Ayo has spent the entirety of his young adult life pursuing athletic and fitness goals and is excited to bring his talents and knowledge to the Harbor Bay Club.


Ayo has a strong background in fitness and a desire to learn that will help propel him to a lengthy career in the fitness industry. He has years of experience coaching soccer at all levels and age groups on top of holding a Grassroots Coaching License from the US Soccer Federation. Ayo has also garnered training experience working with the client base at his father’s gym and here at the Harbor Bay Club where he is developing a solid client base as well.


No matter where you’re starting from, the way forward is hard work. Ayo is serious about accountability, and believes that fitness is all about making a commitment to yourself, for yourself. Whether you’re a first-time gym user or an experienced athlete, he will make sure you have the tools and guidance to work towards your fitness goals safely and effectively. Ayo has suffered a multitude of injuries during his athletic career and as a result, places a firm emphasis on warming up, stretching, cooling down, and all other aspects of injury prevention. He loves to help athletes take their fitness to the next level but is just as passionate about helping people with less training experience. He is comfortable in all areas of training including Overall Strength & Conditioning, Injury Prevention, and Recovery.


Ayo is an Alameda native and a long time Harbor Bay Club employee. While he is serious about fitness and focused during training time, he wants to have fun, make the experience enjoyable and offer a safe space for non-fitness related concerns as well. In his spare time his life revolves around sport where he enjoys playing soccer (in person and virtually), watching soccer, biking, hiking and spending time with his family, friends, and 7 cats.

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