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Your teeth will always be lighter than they were before

WhiteIce Kit
By following some simple post whitening care instructions, your teeth will always be lighter than they were before.  To keep your teeth looking their best, we recommend a WhiteIce kit.  It packs real whitening power in the most convenient form ever – there’s even a built-in mirror so you can use your WhiteIce anywhere.  It fits in your pocket or purse, and is as easy to use as lip balm.

Simply remove the cap, give the base a twist and rub a thin glaze of the WhiteIce on your teeth. It combines with the heat and moisture in your mouth to release its potent whitening agent.  Then, after it’s done its job – usually about ten minutes – it disappears, leaving you with a bright smile and a minty-fresh breath.

Also in the WhiteIce kit are 20 WhiteScience deep-cleaning teeth wipes for “priming” teeth prior to WhiteIce application. These are professional formula products designed specifically to keep your teeth their brightest.



The WhiteIce Kit is available in The Spa Shoppe. $59.95

SolarWhite Kit
Whiten your teeth at home!
These days, everyone is looking for alternative energy sources. SolarWhite uses the unlimited power of the sun to brighten your smile.  You don’t need to cover your roof with solar cells to take advantage of the inexhaustible source of energy that lights and heats the earth. With SolarWhite, light energy from the sun accelerates the whitening action of the advanced technology system developed by White Science. Solar­White is a complete teeth whitening system that lightens your teeth as you sunbathe or lie on a tanning bed.  SolarWhite employs innovations that are the direct results of the latest tooth whitening science.

Research has shown that there are 5 elements to successful teeth whitening. The more of these factors included in a bleaching treatment, the greater the results that treatment will achieve. These five factors are:

  1. Peroxide: When peroxide combines with the moisture in your mouth, it releases hydroxyl radicals that penetrate the cellular structure of the teeth to release stains that have built up over time.
  2. Light: The conversion of hydrogen peroxide to hydroxyl radicals can be accelerated and sustained by exposure to certain wavelengths of light, basically from about 400 to 560 nanometers. And since the sun transmits all light wavelengths, it is the perfect source to facilitate teeth whitening. Additionally the simulated sunlight from the tanning bed also accelerates the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into powerful, whitening hydroxyl radicals. Our flexible mouth tray acts as a lens to focus the light.
  3. Pressure: Pressure and contact are required to force hydroxyl radicals into the enamel of your teeth. Once inserted in the flexible mouth tray, mild pressure conforms the patented peroxide strip to the shape of your teeth.
  4. Heat: Peroxide becomes more active as it heats up, releasing more of its powerful hydroxyl radicals than would occur at lower temperatures. The heat generated by the sun or your tanning bed is essential in facilitating this process.
  5. Exposure: Length of exposure is key to effective whitening. WhiteScience’s revolutionary technology will brighten your smile in as little as 20 minutes in direct sunlight or 10 minutes in the tanning bed.

Patented Foam Pad Ingredients:
-Glycerin, water, carbamide, peroxide, sodium hydroxide, aroma, EDTA, BHT

What’s in a SolarWhite kit?

  • Patented self-forming foam pads impregnated with sun-activated neutral pH peroxide, enough for three 15-20 minute sunbathing sessions.
  • Thermal shielding storage bags to protect your unused SolarWhite pads while you lie in the sun.
  • Patented clear lens with storage case. The pads fit into positioning pockets in the lens. Its novel design lets you whiten upper and lower teeth simultaneously.
  • Non-metallic tweezers for inserting and removing pads while keeping fingers clean.
  • WhiteScience deep-cleaning teeth wipes for “priming” teeth prior to SolarWhite application and eliminating residual whitening gel after pads are removed.
  • SolarWhite user’s guide.
  • Stylish carry bag for keeping your SolarWhite kit with you as you travel.



Solar White Kit

The SolarWhite Kit is available in The Spa Shoppe. $40.00                        

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