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You can have the vitality and health you deserve but didn't know was possible.

The Pain Elimination Method – Living with Vitality!

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What is Reposturing Dynamics Therapy?

Reposturing Dynamics Therapy (RDT) is a system of stretches and massage techniques designed to restore balance and flexibility. These and many other benefits are the effect of great posture.

Chronic shoulder tension, Headaches, Intestinal problems, IBS, Low back pain, Sciatica, Knee, Joint, Feet problems and many more chronic issues are all related to postural alignment.

With RDT we work together to correct these ailments or at least stop them from getting worse. YOU can have the vitality and health you deserve but didn’t know was possible.

The system was developed by sports massage therapist and posture researcher, Aaron Parnell, after working with Olympic athletes to improve their sports performance, including strength and flexibility.

Whether you have chronic pain, limited movement or your energy and vitality for life is not what it once was, RDT is for you and the sooner the better.

Why do we need RTD?

In our daily activities everything we do is in front of us. We repetitively use computers, pick up our children, drive, sit at a desk, do the dishes and more.

Over time we become imbalanced. Our bodies are pulled forward. Tension patterns have been created and this causes pain and unnecessary wear and tear.

The effects of gravity and poor support work against us humans since we stood up. Reposturing brings back strength, vitality and natural freedom of movement by restoring balance.

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Reposturing Dynamics Therapy:

Reposturing  Dynamics Therapy
Members Non-members
Initial Assessment 1.5 hrs $120 $140
1/2 Hour Tune-up Session
$52 $57
One Hour Session
$90 $100
One and 1/2 Hour Session
$120 $140

* Workout attire is worn during all sessions

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