Outdoor & Indoor Spa Services

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Outdoor & Indoor Massage
Skin Care/Waxing Nail Services

Currently we have limited Spa Services Indoors and Outdoors.  We will add more services as we are allowed and more therapists as the need arises and when they are available.  We currently have massage available 7 days a week both Indoors and Outdoors.  Our Skin Care  & Waxing Services have moved Indoors.  We are offering Pedicures both Indoors and Outdoors 5 days per week.

As we welcome you back, we want to assure you that your health and well-being is our top priority. We have created Spa Services guidelines and procedures to ensure that you feel comfortable and have a great client experience.

This means things will look a little different when you walk through our doors.

We have implemented a number of new safety measures based on guidance from health authorities, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and appropriate government agencies.

Please follow all posted instructions while at the club.

  • We are dedicated to following all COVID -19 safety precautions and requirements to create a safe and welcoming environment for staff and clients alike.
  • Complete Spa waiver at least 24 hours prior to your first Spa Appointment. If you cannot complete the waiver online, you may print it, sign it and bring when you arrive for your first appointment. We will have copies to sign at the check in desk if all other options are unavailable to you. Pens will be provided. 


Due to COVID guidelines and restrictions we have made several adjustments to our spa appointments. 

Please read carefully.
Please update your Credit Card and cell phone # in your profile when you login.

  1. All clients must complete a Spa Waiver online prior to first appt. *Members who have completed a “club waiver” need to complete this waiver also.  You only need to complete the Spa Waiver once.
  2. All appointments are to be made Online and pre-paid by Credit Card. We are not booking any appts over the phone.
    Walk-ins are not allowed. Appointments can be booked up to 10 days ahead at this time.
    All appointments booked without payment will charged to the credit card on file when we see the booking.  If you cancel your appt at least 24 hours prior we will refund the charge.  As we have limited appointment times available please try to cancel as far ahead as you can so another client can take your appt time.
    If by chance an appointment isn’t paid for before you arrive, the Service Desk can charge your credit card when you arrive. * Please update your credit card information in your profile as we have been closed for 6 months and your information may have changed.
  3. Choose an Indoor or Outdoor Massage carefully as the therapist will not be able to move to a different location.  We have created Indoor and Outdoor therapist names and appts so you will know if you are booking Indoors or Outdoors.
  4. Tips can be charged to a credit card at the Service Desk when you arrive. If you bring cash tips, bring exact change, as we don’t have change available. You will give all cash tips directly to your therapist.
  5. We cannot offer all previous services due to COVID restrictions. All available appointments are online, so if you don’t see an appointment to be booked then we can’t offer it. We will add appointments when the Alameda County Health Dept allows us.
  6. Clients who are feeling ill or who have exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment must cancel or reschedule your appointment time. You may cancel Online. If you need to call the Temporary Spa Check-In Desk, leave a message at 521-5416 ext 115.  You may also call the Service Desk at 521-5414.
  7. Clients must wear a mask when exiting their car and are required to wear it throughout their Spa Service and until they are back in their car.  * If a client is exempt from wearing a mask they must provide a written exemption from a medical professional and they are prohibited from speaking to protect the service care provider.
  8. Showers, locker rooms, hot tubs, steam, sauna, & changing areas are not open, so please shower at home before you arrive. You will change your clothes in the Massage or Skin Care treatment areas before and after your treatment. You will be directed to wash your hands before your service in the bathroom in the Spa check-in area (our future Pilates Studio) for Outdoor Services or in Room 3 for Indoor Massage.
  9. Clients must come alone (unless an attendant needs to accompany a client with a disability).
  10. Check-In 10 minutes prior to your appointment time at the Service Desk at the main entrance to the Fitness Center. They will confirm your appointment and confirm payment.
  11. You will be directed to wait for your Therapist to come get you.
  12. Your therapist will take your temperature prior to your service.

*We are not accepting Groupon, Spa Finder or any other special offers/deals at this time.

Once you have completed the Spa Waiver and updated your credit card and cell phone # – Book your Appt Online

*Once you have booked your appointment go to “My Schedule” in your profile to confirm that your appointment was booked.

*You will get a confirmation email when it is booked.

*You will get a reminder email and/or text 2 days prior to your appt.