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NEW Pedicure Chairs are Amazing!!!

Our NEW Pedicure Chairs have arrived…and they are awesome!

The new chairs give a GREAT massage while you get your pedicure!

As one happy member says: they are as good as the massage chairs you pay for at the airport“!

It’s time to come in and get a pedicure again so you can try our ALL NEW Pedicure Chairs.

From a regular Pedicure Client:
“I was so surprised to find NEW massage chairs for my regularly scheduled pedicure. The massage chair was so amazing that I almost didn’t need my pre-booked hour long massage following the pedicure. I am definitely going to schedule my pedicures more frequently just so I can enjoy the amazing massage chair – they are exactly like the ones at airports – I know, because I travel weekly!”
~ Joyce T.

Book your appointment today on HBC Online or call The Spa Shoppe at 510-521-5509.

For more information, please contact Paulette at



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