Group Exercise

Group Exercise at HBC

With over 50 classes per week, there's something for everyone!

Something for everyone!

With over 50 classes per week, HBC’s Group Exercise has something for everyone. If you live to dance, then you’ll love our popular Zumba and Dance Boogie classes. If your goal is to improve strength, balance, agility and coordination, then the Bodyworx, and Tough ‘N’ Tone classes are for you. We also offer classic cardio classes like Cardio Blast and if your favorite workout is on two wheels, our popular Group Cycling classes can’t be beat.

Got kids? Check out HBC’s recently added collection of group exercise classes specially designed for kids! For ages 22 months thru 12 years old, Kids Fitness offers a wonderful opportunity for kids to experience the benefits of exercise in a fun, creative and safe environment.

For those looking for a low impact alternative while still getting a great workout Aqua Aerobics provides great year round exercise in HBC’s heated 25-meter pool without swimming laps and our Fitness Walkers classes guide you on vigorous hour long walks throughout the beautiful streets and paths of Alameda.

All of HBC’s Group Exercise are injected with fun and energy and led by a diverse group of experienced instructors. Whatever your goals, we are here to help you achieve them!

For more information on any of HBC’s Group Exercise programs, contact Nicole Will, Group Class Coordinator, at