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Education, fun and respect are the cornerstones of the program.

This program is designed for teens to improve overall athletic ability, implementing cross training and using modern training principles and techniques to safely guide young athletes to optimal performance and fitness levels.  The program focuses on biomechanics, technique, balance, stability, coordination, strength, conditioning, mobility, speed, endurance, nutrition for athletes, mental/visualization training. Education, fun and respect are the cornerstones of the program.

Individualized Age Group Specific Training
All programs are age appropriate and written for the individual, not the group.  Levels for individuals will be assigned after evaluations and consultations have been completed.

Nutrition for Athletes
Athletes need to pay close attention to nutrition…if they want to optimize performance.  Learning how, when and what to eat is a process that takes practice and understanding micro/macro nutritional needs for performance and recovery are paramount.  This segment of the program concentrates on what works best for the individual, not the group.

Heart Rate Training
Listening to the body is a key element when training.  Knowing when to stress the body is important and knowing when to rest and recover is critical for health, injury prevention and performance.  Individual HR training programs will be prepared for all athletes.

Two phases:

  1. Phase 1 is a three-week progression followed by a one-week recovery and revision phase.
  2. Phase 2 follows the same three-week progression and one-week recovery/revision phase.

Three levels:

  1. Level 1 is introduction, education and skill acquisition.
  2. Level 2 is proficiency, refinement and development.
  3. Level 3 is mastery and precision.

Video Analysis
Used to evaluate biomechanics/technique, educate, avoid injury and maximize efficiency.  All athletes will build a video library of their own over the program.

Range of motion is another key element of performance.  Relevant mobility exercises are part of every well-planned training program.

Risk/Benefit Analysis
Every exercise, every training session and every aspect of the program is under the microscope to insure optimal results and benefits.  The risk/benefit ratio is ALWAYS in effect.

Mental Training/Visualization
Overcoming doubt, building confidence and believing in oneself is achieved via the mind.  Seeing success is critical in accomplishing any goal.  Reinforcing the skills, drills and specific movements required to improve are strengthened through mental training and visualization.

Ages 13 to 17, Group Size 8 – 12 participants

Times & Days
Group A: Mondays & Thursdays 4:00-5:15, & Saturdays 10:45-12:00
Group B: Tuesdays 5:15-6:30, Fridays 4:00-5:15, & Saturdays 10:45-12:00

Frequency –
3x/week for 8 weeks (24 sessions, 30 hours total)

Cost: 3x/week for 8 weeks (24 sessions, 30 hours total)
Members:  $300 (trial session $16)
Non-Members:  $405 (trial session $20)

For more information, contact John Alexander, Coach,, 925-451-1748

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