Fitness & Training


Get a fresh start!

Get a fresh start!

Your Fitness Consultation can include, depending on your interests:

  • Health History, in order to know if there is anything about your health that would affect your ability to exercise or the types of exercises that would, or would not, be appropriate for you
  • Body Composition, weights and measurements in order to have statistics about where you are starting from, in order to see your improvements in the future
  • Exercise Program Design, the right combination of cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises to meet your health and fitness goals
  • Equipment Orientation, to learn how to use the equipment effectively and safely
  • The opportunity to ask a Certified Personal Trainer any questions you’d like, for free

Our comprehensive, 55-minute, Fitness Consultations are complimentary for members within their first 3 months of joining and are always available to current members and non-member guests as well.

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