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Level: Easy
Limit of participants

Indoor Group Cycling offers a great cardio workout and is done on stationary bikes to music. HBC now features the Matrix IC7 Cycle, the very latest in indoor cycle technology, delivering dynamic performance, unmatched comfort, instant adjustment, and Coach by Color technology. These bikes are a blast!


All levels welcome as intensity on bikes is adjustable. Bring a water bottle and towel to class. Heart rate monitor recommended.

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Using your FTW Number is the best way to get a customized workout on Matrix Bikes!

What in the world is FTW?

Your Group Cycle Workout at Harbor Bay Club will never be the same with your Functional Threshold Watt score!

Let’s Start With the Bikes

The old, metal, squeaky, clunky, little “resistance pad” on the wheel have been replaced with this sleek, state of the art, science meets fitness machine. At Harbor Bay Club, you will ride on a Matrix Indoor Cycling bike.

What sets these bikes apart from other Indoor Cycling bikes is the “Coach By Color” concept. The Matrix bikes push riders to their resistance limits using information you enter that is personalized to your ability. To begin your ride you’ll enter your Age, Weight, Gender and How Many Hours of Cardio You Do in a Week. The Advanced mode asks the same questions along with your FTW number which you can estimate or take an FTW Test.  Your instructor will help you set up your personal console profile.

What is FTW  (Functional Threshold Wattrate/Power)?

It is generally agreed the FTW is the maximal power output that can be sustained for the duration of one hour, the classic time trial.  FTW is the best single marker for fitness in outdoor road cycling.

What Is My FTW Score?

FTW stands for Functional Threshold Watt rate which you need to use the advanced settings in our Group Cycling classes.  Your instructor can estimate this number or you can take an FTW Test to find your exact FTW number.

The bikes have a touch screen and LED lights that help lead your workout in our Coach By Color classes. Your bike has five different color lights that your instructor will call out for you to “get in” during your RIDE.

White – Warm-Up and Cool Down (recovery).
Blue – Healthy Heart Zone (easiest working zone).
Green – Active Recovery Zone (using oxygen to burn fat to make energy/fat-burning zone) this good for endurance training.
Yellow – Transition Zone (going up to your lactate threshold) still using fat to create energy but you’re using your body to move into the next zone…
Red Zone – lactate threshold zone (maximum peak) push your body to its point to get stronger, more endurance and fitness. You will feel the “burn” in your legs as you burn off glucose.

Get Results

Now that you know what the colors are, you can determine the resistance and effort to maintain your color zone. This is where the FTW score comes into play: you will see your results if you train in your color. These color zones are all based on the power you can create with your legs. No two riders will have the same power output or FTW number. It is recommended that you take an FTW test every once in a while to retest your threshold.

Make each Ride YOUR Ride

Not everyone uses the FTW score from their FTW Test.  Many people ride much lower than the number they get when they take the FTW Test.   They know when they enter that number; their ride will push them to their physical limit.   Since many people try to ride more than once or twice a week, they may do one intense ride and then choose to not enter their FTW number in other classes or enter a lower number and ride an “Aerobic” or “Recovery” Ride.  By varying your FTW number, you can vary your workout.   You can choose to follow all of the color changes with the instructor or ride the entire class in Blue as a Recovery Ride or in Green as a Cardio Ride.

What is an FTW Test?

FTW Ramp Test : Participants will be lead through a series of 4 minute stages, 1st Stage  begins  at 75 Watts and increases 25 Watts every 4 minutes.  Participants will be coached to ride at an RPM of 85-90 the entire time and to increase their resistance level at each stage to maintain a green console.  Participants will be coached to check out when they are unable to consistently stay in the green target zone or physically feeling a Rate of Perceived Exertion of 8-9.  This will give you your FTW number, which you can then enter each time you attend a cycling workout so that you may better track your power performance in addition to Heart Rate.
FTW Ramp Test is not a max test, it is to volitional fatigue (optimum performance across a range of rides, impacted on through resistance and duration, without literally running out of puff or reaching physical fatigue).

FTW Test Details at HBC

FTW Tests will be scheduled on various days and times every few months.   FTW Testing is only for people who know how to use the Matrix bikes, not for students who have not ridden on the Matrix bikes.  If you are new to Matrix bikes, arrive early and ask your instructor to help you set up!
Please arrive well rested, well hydrated, and DO NOT work out at all on the day of the test.

It will be enough of a workout for the day!

The actual test will take between 20 – 50 minutes.

Maximum in each test:  10 people

Click here to see when the next FTW Test is scheduled.

The FTW Test is free but you must sign up.