FTW (Power) Test



Level: Easy
Limit of participants

What is a FTW (Power) Test?
These tests are called Functional Threshold WattRate Ramp Test and are on the new Matrix Group Cycle bikes. These tests are for people who already know how to use the Matrix bikes and want to know their FTW. The tests are not for people who have not ridden the Matrix Coach by Color bikes.

Why Measure your FTW?
Regular assessments of your FTW give you an indication of whether you are improving your performance. Plus, FTW provides a good ‘benchmark’ on which to base cycling-specific training zones (colors) used in our Group Cycling Classes.

  • Sign Ups are required and tests are limited to 10 people.
  • Tests are FREE for Members and only available for members.
  • The tests are offered on the Second Sunday of each month at 11:35am.
  • Sign Up Online or call the Spa Shoppe at 510-521-5509.

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle & towel!

For more information contact Paulette Staats, Creative Spin Director, at