Athletic Reformer



Level: Easy
Limit of participants

Get ready to work all over the reformer with this challenging workout!

For Members and Non-Members!

Think Pilates is just for lithe, bendy dancers? Think again! The Pilates Method was developed for men, by a man – Joseph Pilates. His initial program was for boxers, wrestlers and gymnasts.

Get ready to sweat with this dynamic Pilates Reformer workout.

Come experience how the REFORMER can challenge your muscles in an entirely new way. In this class you will work at a deliberate pace with quick transitions to maximize benefits while keeping your heart rate up. Pilates increases your overall strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance. It creates longer, leaner, more usable muscles.

End result: Everything you do becomes better and done with more ease and efficiency.

Participants must have had at least one private session or have attended Reformer Classes here or elsewhere before being placed in this group class.
Classes are limited to 5 students.

Pilates Reformer Classes are held in the Pilates Studio. Masks are required at all times. Reformers are at least 6 feet apart. Bring you own towel and water bottle.

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