Athletic Reformer



Level: Easy
Limit of participants

Get ready to work all over the reformer with this challenging workout!

For Members and Non-Members!

Think Pilates is just for lithe, bendy dancers? Think again! The Pilates Method was developed for men, by a man – Joseph Pilates.  His initial program was for boxers, wrestlers and gymnasts.  No prior reformer experience is needed but be ready for a physically challenging workout.

Come see how the REFORMER can challenge your muscles in an entirely new way.  The genius of this machine is that it forces you to use your deep stabilizing and support muscles all the while increasing your overall strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance.

End result: Everything you do becomes better.

Who does Reformer Pilates?

LeBron James (NBA)                                                   Martellus Bennett (NFL)

James Harden        (NBA)                                           Antonio Brown (NFL)

Jason Kidd (NBA)                                                         Bradley Chubb (NFL)

JJ Redick (NBA)                                                            Christian Covington (NFL)

Dwayne Wade (NBA)                                                 Eric Ebron (NFL)

Jake Arrieta (MLB)                                     Auston Matthews (NHL)

Mark Canha (MLB)                                                      Phillip Danault (NHL)

Aaron Judge (MLB)                                                     Tyler Seguin (NHL)

Chris Sale (MLB)                                                            Lee Stempniak (NHL)

Kolton Wong (MLB)                                                     Cam Ward (NHL)

Can you be like LeBron? Come find out.

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