Your child will develop fundamental swimming skills


Offered Spring thru Fall!

Group lessons are a fun and great way for pre-beginner, beginner and intermediate swimmers to develop and enhance their abilities. Your child will develop fundamental swimming skills including kicking skills, front and back float, and much more. Our instructor:student ratio is four (4) students to one (1) instructor. This ratio provides more individualized instruction for all our students.

Pre-Beginner: Geared towards students with no previous swim lessons, primarily 3-4 years old. Emphasis is on gaining confidence and learning primary skills. Examples of what we will be working on; blowing bubbles, putting face into the water, assisted front/ back kicking, assisted doggie paddle, assisted front/ back floats, etc.

Beginner: Geared towards students who are comfortable in the water but cannot swim on their own yet. Best suited for ages 4 and up. Students will learn basic swimming skills, with an emphasis on progressing to swimming unassisted. Examples of what we will be working on; Underwater swim, unassisted front/back kicking, unassisted doggie paddle, treading water, beginning freestyle, etc.

Advanced Beginner: Geared towards swimmers who can swim on their own without assistance and need to learn proper strokes and technique. The focus is on learning all four strokes (freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly) and improving the swimmer’s technique and endurance.

1-Week Sessions Monday through Friday 30 min.

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Click here 2019 Group Swim Aquatics Schedule (.pdf) for full brochure and registration information.

For private & buddy swim lessons, check out HBC’s Private & Buddy Lessons.

For more information contact the Harbor Bay Club Aquatics Department at (510) 521-5416 Ext. 113 or Aquatics Director Maureen Mitchell at