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Get and stay in shape in the Fitness Center and with Personal Training!

Fitness Center Amenities
The Harbor Bay Club’s Fitness Center includes four rooms of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility equipment. Our Cardio Center has 50 machines, most of which are set up with individual televisions, and wi-fi is available. Our Strength Machine Room has strength training machines to build all major muscle groups. Our Free Weight Room has bench press racks, dumbbells, barbells, and a full range of weight plates. Our Stretching Room has a carpeted floor, mats, foam rollers, stability balls, medicine balls, kettlebells, body bars, and other small equipment.

Personal Training Services
Our Personal Trainers have extensive knowledge and experience to challenge our members in new ways. Some of the Personal Training options we offer are: Individual Personal Training, Specialized Personal Training, Buddy Personal Training (2 people), and Small Group Personal Training (3-4 people). We also have Fitness Programs, such as Teen Certification, HBC Healthy Bodies (weight loss program), and Karate & Taekwondo. There are many Personal Training packages to make this work for you.

Personal Trainers
Harbor Bay’s Personal Trainers include six Certified Personal Trainers, two Certified Health Coaches, and a Black Belt in Karate. They are all are nationally certified and recognized for their educational backgrounds and have at least 8 years of Personal Training and/or group exercise instruction experience. They have expertise, as well as the ability to teach, motivate and inspire, not only their clients but each other.

Fitness Assessments
Start your membership off right with a Fitness Assessment with one of our Personal Trainers, complimentary within your first 3 months of membership. Your Fitness Assessment includes the opportunity to ask a Personal Trainer any questions you’d like, as well as assessments to see where you are now, learning how to use the machines correctly, or learning how to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Suzanne Fong
Fitness Director
(510) 521-5414 ext.127

The Club's spa is the only place in Alameda where I can get my nails done, or any spa treatment, without having to arrange care for my kids. As a busy mom, that's HUGE for me.

- Maureen McFall

I love the balance of exercise and socializing that the Club offers. After a workout or spin cycle class, it's great to relax with friends and a glass of wine at the Clubhouse Bar & Grill.

- Mark Landreth

At my age my joints can't handle the stress of high impact exercise but the Club offers a wonderful range of non-impact options which keep me fit and feeling great.

- Michael Morgan

I've tried a lot of gyms and they're always cramped and dirty. I love how spacious and clean the Harbor Bay Club is and how friendly the members and staff are.

- Shirley Goodman

I have a challenging work schedule and travel a lot. With the Club's Spinners tennis program, I never have to call anybody to arrange a time to play tennis. It's perfect for me.

- Ming Chin

I love how comfortable and unintimidating the Club is. I don't feel like I have to have a supermodel's body to feel good about being here.

- Cheryl Landreth

Working out at the Club has been essential to managing my diabetes and stress. The Harbor Bay Club has saved my life.

- Eric Cross

I live in Orinda but come to the Club 4 times a week because Mike Bauer [the Tennis Director] is awesome. He's very patient and a great teacher. His knowledge is amazing... I mean the guy beat Jimmy Conners!

- Leslie Rose

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Fitness & Training at HBC

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